• AJ Williams-Tchen

MHFA is for everyone

Mental Health Matters. Mental health is everyone's business.

As some of you may be aware from my postings over time, I am accredited to deliver Mental Health First Aid workshops. I have sone this since 2008. I am very passionate about raising mental health literacy and suicide prevention. Today I delivered my 390th MHFA course

I am accredited to deliver the following Mental Health First Aid courses: - Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Mental Health First Aid - Youth Mental Health First Aid - Adult Mental Health First Aid - teenMHFA Years 7-9 - teenMHFA Years 10-12 - Blended workplace MHFA - MHFA for Nursing students - MHFA for Medical Students - MHFA for Tertiary students - MHFA for the Suicidal Person

I have delivered workshops all over Australia

and work in remote, rural and city areas across Australia. Where possible, I also work with local MHFA Instructors to deliver workshops in their communities. I throughly enjoy this experience and am grateful to be invited and re-invited back to communities. Its always an honour and privilege to be given the opportunity to lead discussions, break stereotypes and introduce to people topics as anxiety, depression, suicide, self injury, psychosis, eating disorders and substance use.

In 2011 and 2012 I won the NSW Mental Health Matters Award for 'Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing'. for delivery of MHFA programs across NSW. This only made my commitment stringer to ensure that mental health problems are recognised and people get the help that they required.

For 5 years I was the Program Manager at MHFA Australia and worked along side the team that creates the above entailed MHFA programs. After 5 years, it was time to move on and create and develop other opportunities.

I am also accredited to deliver: - Safetalk - Suicide talk - Assist These programs differ in style and format and show different perspectives about how to talk about suicide.

I am also been working on a number of other shorter workplace and community mental health workshops, in consultation with other Aboriginal people, and health professionals. I have started to deliver the workshops across Victoria, and hopefully in the future across Australia