• AJ Williams

AJ Williams-Tchen part of the National Minimum Quitline Standard Expert Advisory Panel

The goal of the National Minimum Quitline™ Standards (NMQS) published in January 2021, is to ensure that all Australians who smoke have access to a high quality, effective and inclusive multi-session behavioural intervention for smoking cessation provided under the Cancer Council’s trademark, Quitline™. The Standards were reviewed and approved by an external Expert Advisory Group (that included AJ), where members have extensive experience in delivering and/or evaluating best practice quitlines and counselling or related services.

AJ has been providing external mentoring & support for the Cancer Council Victoria's Aboriginal Quitline since 2014 and has worked as a Aboriginal Quitline Specialist on the NSW Aboriginal Quitline.

To view or download the Standards - go to the Cancer Council Victoria's webpage:

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