• AJ Williams-Tchen

Introducing Series 3: Quick Fact Vault

In this series are 27 short videos made by the young men of Scotch College and Camberwell Grammar. This Quick Fact Vault series has come from projects funded through Girraway Ganyi Consultancy’s ‘Ngarrugu Terru-galk” mentoring program’s. ‘nhal muran birrabg’ project with additional funding through Koondee Woonga-Toorong (KWT). All parents, schools and individuals featured in the film have consented to the recording and publishing of this series. The launch of the "dalunanrrurung' project was scheduled for April 2020. This was an 18 month project that involved 18 young men in the mentoring programs at two school, where we asked them 18 questions about themselves, & their culture. Due to the Coronavirus, the launch of this project is on hold. What we have done is created short clips of some of the work, which has been repackaged from the original launch material.