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AGECS Reconciliation Series 1

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

In collaboration with the Association of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies (AGECS) AJ. moderated the AGECS Reconciliation Series 1. Consisting of 13 videos recorded from the monthly online Reconciliation Series delivered between September 2021 and December 2022 we spoke with the organisations and people working with First Nations families and children. It was important for Early Childhood Educators and teachers to have a solid understanding of the issues and experiences that thier Aboriginal children, families and communities face in 2022.

It takes a village to raise a kid

It is also important to understand when you enroll an Aboriginal kid into your childcare, primary school or highschool you are enrolling the whole family.

This series looks at issues such as child protection, homelessness, education, health, parenting, cultural safety and reconciliation.

This series involves interviews and learnings from:



- Reconciliation Australia

- Reconciliation Victoria

- Koorie Education Outcomes Unit


- Grandmothers Against Removal

- Kerry Arabena (First 1000 Days)

- Taylor Hampton

- Shae Rotumah

- AJ Williams-Tchen

Check out this amazing playlist.

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