• AJ Williams

AJ delivers his 500th MHFA course

Mental Health First Aid Australia acknowledges AJ Williams-Tchen for delivering over 500 workshops within the past 15 years. AJ started his mental health first aid Instructor career in 2008 - when he become an AMHFA Instructor. In 2009, he become a YOUTH MHFA Instructor and in 2010 a STANDARD MHFA Instructor. From 2010 to 2016, AJ worked at MHFA Australia as the National AMHFA Program Manager and was instrumental in the design and implementation of the AMHFA Edition 2 program. In this time AJ trained over 200 AMHFA Instructors across all states & territories of Australia. After 6 years of heading the AMHFA program, AJ left to focus on his growing business and continues to deliver MHFA nationally.

MHFA Instructor Newsletter July 2020

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