• AJ Williams

AJ flys on with the Butterfly Foundation

Earlier this year - AJ sat down to record his story for the Butterfly Foundation's

'Lets Yarn: Eating & body issues amongst mob'

The podcast available via the hyperlink to the Butterfly Foundation has:

- Garra (a proud Waridjuri, Kamilaroi, Bundjulung and Yuin woman) talking about her experience with an eating disorder after moving from Country to Sydney;

- Felicia (a proud Kamilaroi and Dhunghutti sister-girl) who discusses that for years struggled with expectations of how her body should look; and

- AJ (a proud Wiradjuri and Wotjobulak man, who was bullied as a teenager and says this contributed to his eating disorder which went undiagnosed because he is male.

Aboriginal health workers, Liz and Jed, also explain why culture can be key to recovery for mob.

Check it now now

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