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We here at GIrraway Ganyi ConsultAndy are extremely proud to be associated with the Vitlctorian Grandmas Against Removals

GMAR is about:

(A) enabling local communities to have a say in Aboriginal child protection to prevent removals and

(B) ensure Aboriginal children are cared for by their extended family within their local community

GMAR do a wonderful job that is unpaid, Unfunded and totally community driven based on volunteer support. GMAR provide guidance, offer suggestions, support people at court if and when able to, refer to other service providers for things like social supports, housing, food vouchers and donations.

There are and always has been gaps within the system of child protection. We understand that, acknowledge that and make best with the systems that are there, all awhile advocating for better supports for our families, our children, our grandchildren and our communities. GMAR is an advocating body determines to make structural changes and provide support and referral where needed.

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