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Management of eating disorders for people with higher weight: clinical guidelines

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

So proud to be part of the team that developed the ‘Management of eating disorders for people with higher weight: clinical practice guideline’ that was launched on August 19, for the management of eating disorders for people with higher weight.

I was given the task of conducting the official Acknowledgment of Country at the launch.

My role over the past 2 years has Ben as a lived experience member but also as a Cultural Consultant and Committee member.

The guideline aims to assist GPs and other health professionals to understand the needs of people in their care who have an eating disorder who are of higher weight, and support the health professionals in providing appropriate management of the eating disorder. Moreover, it is hoped that health professionals will be more aware of, and responsive to, the adverse effects of weight stigma on the lives, health and treatment seeking of people with eating disorders who are of higher weight.

The Guideline Development Group included academic and clinical expertise and lived experience.

LIved Experience guide is located here

The actual guidelines can be downloaded from here:

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