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Deadly Thinking


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Deadly Thinking Youth is all about giving you the tools to help you handle the pressures we all face in our lives.

Designed for ages 12 – 20 years old, in our culturally tailored workshop we yarn about a whole lot of stuff affecting young people, including:

  • The importance of yarning with family and friends

  • How to deal with your own worries

  • Dealing with today’s social and emotional wellbeing challenges that can affect you, your family, and your community

  • Improving your awareness and understanding of what causes depression, anxiety and suicide

  • Understanding how changes in your life might stress you out

  • Problems like drugs, alcohol and bullying worries

  • Connecting with your culture and country as a way of staying strong

Each session includes Deadly Thinking videos that discuss different aspects of social and emotional wellbeing.

Topics covered include: yarning, bullying, managing stress, sleep, bad experiences, self harm, suicide, racism & discrimination, risks to wellbeing, staying strong, handling worries, symptoms of anxiety and depression, drug and alcohol misuse, suicide risk, pathways to help and connection to culture and country.

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Our Deadly Thinking Instructors


AJ Williams-Tchen


Ash Tchen

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