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Check out Royston Noell’s debut single.

Check out the amazing and inspiring Royston Noell’s debut single ‘When I fall apart’. which came out 2 days ago. 🎶

Check it out here:

Royston is Thanakwithi man from Old Mapoon on his mum’s side and Wagadagam from Badu Island in the Torres Strait.

He appeared on channel 7 a few years ago when I heard his amazing voice, but since then was selected to go to America to sing with the Australian Institute of Performing Arts.

He is true inspiration to his community.

As I have always said in my own posts,

‘never give up on your dreams’

- and this is something that I admire of this artist.

He is quoted as saying “Growing up I didn't initially think that me following my dreams would have such an impact on the community, but I'm so happy it has, because inspiring the next generation to be better and to strive is another passion of mine”.

Royston is a true emerging leader, who was fortunate enough to participate in the Queensland Indigenous Leadership Program last year. This will not be the last that you will hear of him.

Check out the video here:

With permission from Royston himself, I have the privilege of sharing his music video within my Aboriginal cultural awareness course with the hope of promoting his music. Thanks Royston.

In the meantime - enjoy his music.

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