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700 MHFA courses facilitated by AJ Williams

On Thursday amd Friday, AJ delivered his 700th MHFA course. He became an AMHFA Instructor in 2008, and since then has become an Instructor in the Standard, Youth, Teen and soon in the Aboriginal Youth MHFA.

MHFA measures and counts the courses delivered by every MHFA Instructor: although the counting differs. 2 day courses are equivalent to 1 course, while the Blended Online courses are recorded as 1/2 course. The TeenMHFA course registers as 1/3. On the MHFA system as of today it registers 605 courses completed, where in fact AJ has facilitated 700. Congregations AJ.

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November 2023 saw AJ deliver his 800th MHFA course. This group was to VACCA staff via the AMHFA Blended course. Congratulations to AJ on this achievement.


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