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AGECS Reconciliation Series

Since January 2022, AJ in his role of Aboriginal Cultural Advisor at the Association of Graduates in Early Childhood Education has been facilitating the delivery of the Reconciliation Series.

Seminar 8 in our Reconciliation Series is being held on August 29th at 6.30pm.

Jody Barney (Birri-Gubba / Urangan & South Sea Islander) will discuss communication strategies when working with non-verbal First Nations children, as well as visual communication skills that will assist all children and families. Jody is also going to cover the difficult conversations with families, for when you have concerns and want to recommend an assessment.

This seminar will be moderated, as always, by AJ Williams-Tchen.

To register, follow this link:

To see the other seminars in our Reconciliation Series, follow this link:

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