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  • AJ Williams

Working at Woodleigh School.

After a 2 year hiatus due to COVID, AJ was back at Woodleigh School undertaking a number of cultural incursions. Working across the 2 junior campus, AJ provided 2 x Year 6 incursions that involved a class Quiz Show. 2 x Year 5 incursions that involved a gane show and discussion around artefacts. 2 x Year 3/4 incursions that had the classes become traditinal clans that has to negotiate to form alliances.

This was also followed by a staff cultural insight incursion.

Thanks to Woodleigh for making me part of your schools growth in reconciliatio.

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November 2023 saw AJ deliver his 800th MHFA course. This group was to VACCA staff via the AMHFA Blended course. Congratulations to AJ on this achievement.


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